The Colònia Güell was founded in 1890 by Eusebi Güell, following the model of the industrial estates common of that time. Industrial estates were organized social centres where the workers and their families lived around the factory.

The factory

The boom of the textile industry by the end of the 19th century due to the increasing demand together with a social and political turmoil were the main reasons for the founding of this and other estates. At the factory raw cotton was processed into high quality corduroy and velvet.

The inhabitants of the estate, men and women, worked at the factory through various generations until its closure in 1973 as a result of a general crisis in the textile industry. In the years that followed, the factory was sold of in portions, turning the site into a park of small workshops and industries.

The Village

The building of the estate continued well into the 20th century. The idea of Eusebi Güell was to create the perfect estate and to achieve that did he count on some of the best architects of the modernist movement. The houses of workers were of the highest standards of its times give testimony of the talent of the craftsmen involved in their construction.

The environment

The Colònia Güell is surrounded by wheat-fields and pine-trees. The estate is integrated with the rural environment that gives character to the village.
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